Milbank MPRV-100-78

With a 100 amp main breaker included, this Milbank pedestal has options including ring-type, ringless, single and double sided.

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This mobile home pedestal by Milbank is a 100 amp direct bury pedestal that is service entrance rated with a 100 amp main breaker and has a 120/240v ring-type meter socket. Single phase, parallel wired with 2 breaker spaces.

Wire range – #6 to 350MCM Cu/Al with a twin ground lug with a wire range #6 to 2/0

Options: ringless, series wired, horn bypass, back to back, breaker & receptacle add-ons

Replacement breakers available.

Difference between ring-type and ringless meter socket

Ring-type SKU: MPRV-100-78

Ringless SKU: MPRV-100-78R

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Additional information


Meter Socket

Ring-type, Ringless


Direct Bury

Amp Rating


100 amp


1 or 2

Loop-fed Lugs


Wire Size


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