Group Metering Equipment

Group Metering Equipment

Group Metering is a service entrance product line that consists of a main device and multiple meter sockets in one enclosure or several connected enclosures. Group metering allows you to install a multiple tenant-metering device in one location while providing space and installation cost savings. Eaton offers two Cutler-Hammer Group Metering designs which are All-In-One Metering and Modular Metering.

Eaton's All-In-One Metering products are also called Meter Packs. Meter Packs consist of main lugs and up to six meter sockets in one enclosure. Meter Packs are supplied as one complete unit and the user cannot "add" additional meter sockets to the unit in the future. The most common use for Meter Packs is where six or less units are metered through one centrally located Meter Pack.

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